Mobile Internet Settings

For Safaricom,Airtel & yu Mobile phones

Unlock Modem,Alcatel,ZTE,Vodafone.

To setup your phone to access the Internet, send a blank SMS to 445. A message which contains Internet settings will be sent to your phone.
Select “Save” from options to save all the settings. You are now ready for Pepea Internet Mkononi na Safaricom.
Further to requesting for mobile settings via 445, add the basic setup settings, i.e., APN, Username, Password, Data bearer, Proxy port, Proxy IP as well as the standard settings for a Chinese phone both dual SIM & mono SIM.

Safaricom Internet Settings.

Basic settings:

  • Account Name        : Safaricom GPRS
  • Homepage               :
  • Username                : saf 
  • Password                 : data

Access Point Settings Select

  • Proxy                      :  Disable
  • Data Bearer             : GPRS

Bearer Settings Select

  • I.p. address              :
  • Port                          : 8080
  • Server url                  :
  • Apn/Gateway            : safaricom
  • Authentication Type   : Normal.


Chinese Phones Internet Settings

Basic Settings.

  • On your china phone Menu,
  • Select Services/Web
  • Then Data Accounts followed by GPRS

Select Account 1     

Fill the followed fields with their respective values.


·         Account Name                 :  safaricom GPRS

  •  APN                           :  safaricom
  •  Username                    :  saf
  • Password                      :  data
  • Authentication type        :  Normal
    Press done and Save.

Then from your china phone’s menu,

Select Services/Web, go to WAP Browser then Settings.


For dual Sim card phones.


Select SIM 1 or SIM 2

Then Edit Profile SIM 1 or SIM 2
Select Profile 1 and then, Activate

Profile Select Edit Profile and enter the following values in their respective fields.

  • Rename Profile          : Safaricom
  • Homepage                 :
  • Data Account             : Safaricom GPRS
  • Connection Type        : HTTP or WAP (any)
  • Proxy/Gateway IP/Address :
  • Proxy/Gateway Port    : 8080
  • User Name                  : Leave blank
  • Password                    : Leave blank

Press Done then Save

Go back to Menu and select Services/Web then  WAP Browser followed by Homepage

Form multimedia and messaging service, from you phone’s Menu, select Services then Data Accounts followed by GPRS.
Select a profile and press edit.
Enter the following values in their respective fields;

  • Account Name                  :  safaricom MMS         
  • APN                                 :  safaricom         
  • Username                          :  saf        
  • Password                          :  data        
  • Authentication type            :  Normal

Press done and then press yes to save.


Go back to the phone’s Menu and select Messages then MMS
On the Message Settings select Server Profile,
Then Select a profile and press OK

Then select Edit Profile. 

Enter the following values in their respective fields;

  • Rename Profile      :   Safaricom MMS
  • Homepage             :
  • Data Account         :   Safaricom MMS
  • Username              :   saf
  • Password              :   data

Select Connection Type then Connection Oriented and input the following values;

  •  IP Address            :
  •   Security                 :  Off

Select done then press yes to save


Select Activate Profile and then press yes to activate.

To access the internet on your phone go to your phone’s Menu and select Services/web then Wap followed by Homepage

Type: to test if it will open.

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